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TEFAF 2019

Layer Elliott

The LAYER ELLIOTT chairs were presented at the TEFAF Maastricht 2019. This beautiful design is totally handmade and available in many different colors and fabrics.

New Design

Layer Versailles

Dazzling Italian Baroque, exuberant decorative style elements under the light of majestic crystal chandeliers form the backdrop for a monument in Paris that still leaves an indelible impression every day. 

Adje created a contemporary chandelier on it. His implemented abstraction of the LAYER VERSAILLES makes the look enchanting and unique ...



In Marbella Hills we have been able to realize an amazingly beautiful project. A complete family home where friends meet and enjoy the Spanish life with beautiful sea views. The LAYER MIRAGE above the dining table offers a real eye-catcher both during the day and in the evening.



Recently a beautifully completed project was photographed by Peter-Jac Steenman in the historic center of Antwerp. The modern design of the LAYER Collection melts together surprisingly with the classic architectural style from the 18th century.
The total project can be viewed under "Projects".
Enjoy ..!

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